Family Foundations

Family Foundations is a Community Family Support Programme (CFSP)  funded by the European Social Fund which delivers a bespoke, holistic, person-centred and motivational programme enhancing individuals’ employability and transforming their lives. This programme offers support across Newry, Mourne & Down and Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon District Council Areas.

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Clanrye Group works with families facing life-changing decisions, helping you to progress to further education, other training or employability programmes, employment or self-employment.

This family support programme is available across Newry, Mourne & Down and Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon areas of Northern Ireland.

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What’s involved?

This programme focuses primarily on personal and family support, as well as employability. You’ll have access to workshops and activities including Parent Support Group, family activities, individual and family counselling, money and debt management, mindfulness and relaxation skills.

What training and qualifications can I receive?

  • Customer Service Level 1
  • ICT Level 1
  • Essential Skills Literacy & Numeracy
  • Interview Skills
  • CV Support
  • Online Training Courses

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Contact our team to confirm your eligibility for Family Foundations.

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Case Study

Lorraine | Family Foundations

Lorraine was referred from her local Jobs and Benefits office for employability support.  Upon starting with the Family Foundations team Lorraine was shy and had low confidence and self belief. Even though she suffered with social anxiety she was very keen to learn and to take part in as many activities as possible.

Throughout her time on the Family Foundations programme she took part in almost every workshop that was available: Gimme 5 Health & Well Being Programme, CV building and Interview Workshops, Money Management, Chronic Pain Clinic, Portadown Walking Group, Life after lockdown event, Halloween and Christmas workshops.  As well as all the workshops she also completed a Level 1 Certificate in ICT. She was a first-class attender on the programme having regularly reviews with her Career and Family Mentors (Lorna and Emma).  On each review we carried out it was clear Lorraine was growing in confidence and self-esteem week in week out. 

Lorraine became a valued volunteer with Clanrye working with our Independent Living Group and our Skills for Life and Work participants and has since gained employment fer as a Learning Support officer.  Lorraine also became an agent for the Body Shop and has had great success with it on a part time basis and is hoping to build a team and become a Team Leader.  

Lorraine quoted that when she began with Clanrye she never dreamt that her journey would go this far and how much she would achieve, how she loves the person she has become and how her husband has noticed a huge improvement in her confidence.  I personally am so proud of the achievements Lorraine has made and she is the sort of person that makes me smile and makes my job worthwhile.

Noemia | Family Foundations

Noemia was referred from her local Jobs and Benefits office for employment support in September 2021 and since then has truly blossomed into a positive and very confident individual who is proud of how far she has come. When she started her time with us Noemia felt low and was lacking in confidence and self-belief.

In her own words she needed a push in the right direction to set goals, and someone to believe in her. Before Noemia could even think about employment she needed to focus on improving so many different areas in her life- her mental wellbeing, social life, knowledge of her local community and family life. Moreover, her ultimate goal was to be able to speak English more confidently. Through attending regular ESOL courses signposted by her Family Mentor (Emma) Noemia’s English has significantly improved both verbally and written, thus greatly improving her self-esteem. Throughout her time on the Family Foundations Programme, Noemia took part in a multitude of workshops and activities: Take 5 Health & Wellbeing Programme, Halloween & Christmas Workshops, Art therapy sessions, Connect 2 Wellbeing programme, Money Management, Community Advice programme, weekly Walking Group, MeLearning courses, Healthy Relationships Workshop and CV & Interview techniques workshops. Through attending these various events, Noemia’s wellbeing has improved remarkably. 

Our team also supported Noemia’s husband Emanuel who was working in a difficult job that was low paid and unsociable hours. Emanuel met with the Career Mentor (Amanda) and she supported him to complete a job application form for Ulster Carpets which is 5 minutes from his home. Emanuel successfully got the job which has vastly improved homelife for the family, finances are better and childcare responsibilities are shared. Having support with childcare has allowed Noemia to be self-employed working as a cleaner and the Family Mentor supported her to create a business page and market this, her business is growing and so is her opportunities. Noemia also began volunteering at Clanrye Group and now leads our weekly Walking Group. Noemia feels socially included in her community and is excited for her future with a positive mental outlook on life. We are extremely proud of Noemia’s achievements! 

Noemia stated: “The people of Clanrye Group are so brilliant! My Family Mentor has really helped me and my family! My husband is so happy in his job thanks to Clanrye. My confidence has improved the most, I loved the wellbeing programme and walking group. Before I was sad and now I am very happy, thank you.”


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