Disability Support Services

Clanrye Group’s Disability Support Service (DSS) provides specialised support for young people (aged 16-22) on the Skills for Life and Work and Apprenticeship NI Programmes across Northern Ireland. 

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Pre-entry Training Support:

At Clanrye Group, we offer Pre-Entry Training Support to individuals interested in joining the Skills for Life & Work or ApprenticeshipsNI programs. This support is specifically designed for those referred by Careers Service NI, with a focus on individuals with disabilities or those who may have a statement of educational need (SEN), before embarking on the program.

Our goal is to prepare potential participants for their desired training, offering guidance and support in various areas, including:
  • Social security benefits
  • Assistance related to their learning
  • Information on available equipment during training
  • Providing details to training Contractor staff/tutors about specific disabilities and how they might impact a participant’s ability to train
  • Offering information and advice on implementing reasonable adjustments before entering training.
We are committed to ensuring a supportive and inclusive environment for all individuals seeking to enhance their skills and embark on a successful training journey.

In Training Support:

Our Disability Support Service plays a crucial role in collaborating with the Training Contractor to enhance the support provided to participants with disabilities during their training while on the Skills for Life and Work or ApprenticeshipsNI programs.  This support encompasses various aspects, including:
  • Collaborating with the Training Contractor in preparing the participant’s Personal Training Programme (PTP) to incorporate specific support requirements
  • Support with your learning (e.g., Essential Skills, Literacy, Numeracy, ICT, etc.), either in a group or 1:1 setting
  • Assisting with job/placement matching
  • Providing mentoring and job coaching
  • Supporting the placement employer or employer
  • Delivering support and training for Training Contractors, including impartial advice on compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and other legislative issues
  • Ensuring pastoral care to uphold appropriate child protection and equality policies
  • Serving as advocates to ensure that the level of support for the disabled person is thoroughly discussed with other key stakeholders throughout the decision-making process.
This list is not exhaustive, and Clanrye Group continually collaborate with Training Contractors to ensure the most effective and appropriate support for each participant.

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We will support you throughout your 3 years on the programme.Our learning support staff will work alongside you to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome in your chosen course/career path.We will help identify your needs with a person centred approach.Improve your personal development skills and provide employability support throughout. 

Some quotes from participants we have supported are:

‘I got my qualifications because of their (Learning Support Worker) help’

‘I feel that they are very attentive and supportive’

‘My Support Worker helps me get my work done faster and helps me with spelling and what to write.’

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