We work with a dedicated team of volunteers supporting our diverse communities that span different ages, backgrounds and abilities across all Clanrye Group sites. Volunteers are involved in the co-ordination or activities, supporting coaches and participants during delivery of activities and events.

We welcome volunteers to support the following programmes:

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Volunteering with us

We work with you to help decide which aspect of Clanrye Group you may be best suited to, based on your interests, availability and community and organisational needs.

We also support our volunteers, providing training in areas including driver theory, safeguarding, ICT and stress management, along with opportunities to attend physical activity sessions and social events.

Volunteers Testimonials


I joined Positive Directions in 2018 to do some ICT training  after a long illness that restricted me from working . My illness really affected my confidence and wellbeing. Doing this course built my confidence and gave me the much needed self worth to start a new path in my life. I started a part time HND course in Fine Art and was encouraged to start volunteering to help others with ICT.

About 6 months ago a Volunteer Mentor approached me to see if I would be interested in volunteering with the young people on Clanrye Group’s Training for Success programme. I jumped at the chance to try it as this was a something new for me.

I was welcomed by the staff and made to feel part of the team. The students were amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Trying this new volunteering has now lead to me gaining permanent employment as a Disability Support Mentor. I still deal with my illness on a daily basis , but the training, volunteering and now my new permanent job have given me happiness & hope and I can look forward into my new life.


I joined Clanrye Group on the Family Foundations programme back in 2018. I had a young child and wanted guidance and support to get back in to the work place. Family Foundations enabled me to do some courses and the staff me encouragement and confidence to start volunteering with Clanrye Group with young people as classroom support.

This volunteer role then gave me the experience to then help me apply for similar roles as paid employment. I am now happily employed as a Disability Support worker helping students in their classes to achieve their best. I am so glad that I made the decision to volunteer with Clanrye Group as it has led me onto this new path of employment and built my confidence.


I retired in August 2021 and live alone with grown up children. I moved house in November 2021 and found the whole change with home and work quite difficult. 

I heard about Clanrye Group through word of mouth and joined one of the walking groups. Getting involved in this walking group has led to me joining in with many activities that Clanrye runs. These include the social café, the knit & natter group and arts and crafts. Joining these different groups has allowed me to make new friends and learn what other activities are going on in our areas. I look forward to doing my Walk Leader training. 

Being involved with all the great work Clanrye Group does has prompted me to offer my skills and experience as a volunteer, helping people with literacy and numeracy needs. I found Clanrye Group just at the right time for me and it has been life changing.

Paul Mathers

 After being out of work for 12 months, I joined the Family Foundations programme back in 2018 to start a customer service course. After I completed this I gained confidence from meeting new people  and the social interaction. I decided to start volunteering with Clanrye Group as a way of giving back.

I started working with the independent living group and thoroughly enjoyed it. Learning new skills improved my confidence ad being able to help others gave me great satisfaction. I also worked with the social prescribing teams taking people out on social walks.

Being involved with Clanrye Group really was what made the difference in my confidence and well-being. I have always felt comfortable and felt myself. This newfound confidence has led to me seeking employment and I am delighted to be starting work with The Trust. I will be sad to leave Clanrye Group but am so grateful that they gave me this opportunity.

Become A Volunteer

If you are interested in joining Clanrye Group, register your interest on BeCollective or please follow the below steps:

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  • Fill out the contact form here and attach the Volunteer Registration Form or alternatively email holly.clements@clanryegroup.com

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