Regener8 Programme

Regener8 is a cross community Personal Youth Development Programme (PYDP), funded by the International Fund for Ireland (IFI) and managed by the Rural Action.

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What’s involved?

Operating since 2017, this programme offers participants the opportunity to enhance Personal Development, Practical and Work skills Development, and an opportunity to design and deliver a community project. The Participants also have an opportunity to gain additional qualifications and training (CSR card, Manual handling, Driving licence application and driver theory training to enhances job opportunities).

We also host workshops around Sexual Health and healthy relationships delivered by the Trust, Money Management & how to budget delivered by Citizens Advice, CV & Interview Skills. 

The programme aims to help at risk young people build and develop life skills that foster good relations, build confidence and resilience, and make them more employable. 

The programme is delivered over a 2-year period with an emphasis in the second year on volunteering, job sampling and preparation for employment opportunities. We have just commenced the second-year delivery and due to the success of the first year of this cohort we have been given the opportunity by the funders to recruit a small number of additional participants.

Delivery schedule:

Regener8 is operating in two areas for 2023-24, Newry and Downpatrick. 

The current programme is delivered:

Monday to Wednesday 10.00am – 3.00pm in Newry, and
Wednesday – Friday from 10:00am to 3:00pm  in Downpatrick.

Regener8 will focus on the individuals’ personal situations and prepare them both academically and practically for future job opportunities.

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Contact our team to confirm your eligibility for the Regener8 Programme.

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Case Study

Janusz Szot | Regener8 Programme

Janusz Szot is originally from Poland but has spent most of his life in N. Ireland. He had been experienced homelessness and was sofa surfing when he joined the programme.

Janus was interested in getting employment and building a stable live for him and his girlfriend Although he was a resident in Ireland since he was fourteen, unfortunately due to a mistake in his citizenship application he was not entitled to Universal credit or medical. Dental care.

Janusz was very open to all learning opportunities and advice given to him and was always keen to help within the group or with staff.  During this period Janus was in constant pain due to a severe gum infection, but this never impacted on his attendance or general pleasant personality 

The team worked with him and arranged a meeting with the Polish consulate to try not clarify not only his citizenship but to organise emergency dental treatment and progress his housing application with the Housing executive.

Due to Janusz determination an application to the R8 programme he was successfully registered with an NHS doctor and Dentist and Janusz, and his girlfriend has been allocated a house in Banbridge 

Juans has successfully completed a range of nationally recognised qualifications, gained both his CSR card, Manual Handling Certificate, passed his driver theory test and   successfully gain full time employment within the construction industry 

Janusz continues to praise both the staff and the R8 programme for giving him the opportunity to change his life around. 


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