The Verve Network

The Verve Network has helped to establish a partnership between a range of community and voluntary organisations and the Southern Health and Social Care Trust.

Funded by

Funded by the Southern Health & Social Care Trust, the Verve Network helps community associations like Clanrye Group to share information, best practice, and provide community health services to a wider group of people, with the hopes of benefitting the whole Newry and Mourne area.

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What’s involved?

As part of this service, Level 3-certified Health Trainers provide a range of 1:1 health services and training, specific to their respective community’s needs, including:

  • Health coaching on nutrition, smoking cessation, physical activity, stress management and mental wellbeing.
  • A client-centred health plan (weight and measurements optional)
  • Signposts to other local services
  • Motivation for individuals to make healthy lifestyle choices

What are the health benefits?

  • Community support
  • Health Training
  • Healthy Living
  • Health coaching


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